Wednesday, July 15, 2009

A friend of mine had a baby shower and asked all attending to bring her a bead so she could have a little piece of everyone to take with while in labor. everyone brought beads... and she was left with beautiful beads of all colors shapes and sizes, with different sized holes which would make stringing them together impossible.... and she had no idea of what to do with them. i offered to come up with something and quickly tasted my foot. the beads didn't match each other and since there was such a massive assortment of bead hole sizes i had a dilemma.
i sat and stared at them for a few minutes, started sorting them for differnt qualities. at first it was size and color, then shape, then small hole vs. big hole... then i realized that the only way to make these beads go together was to separate them. i started sorted out beads that looked nice as a pile and wound up making her a 5 strand necklace that can be worn together or each strand individually. she really likes it!!


  1. Ohmigod, that is absolutely gorgeous, hon--and I love how you used your problem-solving abilities so magnificently into the bargain.

    Because weight+finances have pretty much forced me into Schlumpadinka Mode for the past few years, I've almost completely stopped wearing jewelry except for earrings (and even those not all of the time) but since I finally got some sandals I've been able to start wearing skirts again, hence rediscovering my passion for All Things Girlyfied.

    Still, while sorting through all my stuph this past week, I've found several toe rings and was a bit agog, going, "Did I used to be the kind of person who actually wore stuph like this?" O_O